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300hr Yoga Teacher Training 

This purpose of this training is to teach everything I feel is a must, a requirement for knowledge as a yoga teacher. The more I learn and grow myself, the more passionate I become about sharing certain aspects of the practice with others. This program is designed to radically change how you teach, how your view yourself and how you view and share yoga. The 300hrs has 4 main components; below is just a taste of what you can expect to learn...

1. Deepening your knowledge : You already have the 200hr foundation, now it is time to expand on that. While there are many areas of importance and places you can deepen your focus, here are the areas I have identified as the most important for my own practice as a student and a teacher. 


  • Nervous System, Trauma & Trauma Release

  • Anatomy (Pelvis, Psoas, Fascia and Poses)

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Energy Body & Chakras   

  • Body Talks & Messages from the body

2. Transforming yourself : More than anything we are sharing a frequency; everything is energy and happens on an energetic level. We are teaching with our energy, our state of being, our subconscious is talking and integrating with our students subconscious when we share space with them. What comes out of our mouths represents maybe 20% of what our students are taking in. The best way to teach, is to lead by example - to be the work. 

  • Diet, home practice and lifestyle 

  • Yoga Philosophy and how to live it 

  • Yoga Kriyas and cleansing the body; physically and energetically 

  • Advanced Pranayama and Meditation 


3. Transforming your teaching : This is all about refinement and getting clear about where you are strong and where you can do a little more work. We build on the foundations you already have, expand them and learn tools to be an effective and intentional teacher. Here are just a few spaces we look.

  • Alignment and positioning 

  • Cueing, Voice and Setting the stage 

  • Hands on assists

  • Teaching from your heart 

4. Practicum : What ignites you? What makes your heart soar? Your practicum is all about finding what you want to teach and creating into existence. You get to chose an area of "expertise" and build on it with unlimited support and guidance.

Cost: $3500


** $500 deposit required upon registration. Payment plans are available. Contact me directly regarding this.


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