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This training is designed for teachers who have already completed a 200hr teacher training or advanced students who are looking to expand thier knowledge. Yin Yoga is the perfect complimenting practice to a Yang practice. Learn how to teach this style of yoga while deeping your knowledge of the energy body and the Chakra System through looking at your own Chakras and their imbalances. 

Working with the chakras is deep and transformational work ! In order to have a clear understanding of how the chakras effect our lives, we must be able to embody this and learn for ourselves before we can teach it. As a yoga teacher, it is our job to continue to grow and transform ourselves if we are going to encourage others to do the same. 

As we travel deeply into the physical body with the Yin Poses; releasing traumas from our connective tissues and joint, we do the same with our chakras, we open up, we explore and we LET GO. 

What you can expect to learn

 • Yin Poses: Breakdowns, benefits (physical, energetic & mental) & sequencing (Yin and fusing Yin into Yang) • Yin Philosophy • Yin Anatomy/physiology versus Yang • Meditation techniques • Hands on assists • Deeper understanding of the Energy Body (Prana/Chakras) in relationship to Yin & Ying practices •

This 50hr training  can be used towards your continuing education for Yoga Alliance.

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

"Reanna’s 50 Hour Yin and Chakra YTT course is more than amazing.  I learned an enormous amount about Yin Yoga, the philosophy, the poses, the sequencing.  Yin is such an important part of yoga that is being missed in today’s classes. 


Then to top off the intellectual learning, I also learned many insights into my own inner self. Through the chakra portions, I discovered some past issues, the dark, and the wondrous light of my personality.  Reanna, Lauren and Shawnda’s approach was gentle, loving, kind, and healing; and within a safe environment.


I left feeling empowered, free, and vibrating at a high frequency.  I give many thanks, also, to the awesome group who travelled with me on this journey and made the experience so insightful and wonderful.  Reanna puts her heart and soul into making this course exceptional.  I would definitely recommend this course". - Olive Dodd

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