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The Boulter Method ~ 6 Month Group Somatic Immersion
w/ Reanna Costa

The Boutler Method is powerful lineage that was passed down from my mentor, Hal Boutler to me through years of private mentorship and study. Hal was a Somatic Therapist who had over 10,000 hours of one-on-one client sessions alongside hundreds of hours of group workshop, process and healing. In his final years, I had the incredible privilege to learn from Hal, mentor with him and inherit the deep teachings he accumulated over his lifetime. In his passing, Hal requested I find ways to keep the teachings going and pass along what I learned. 


Those of you who have worked with me have heard and felt the impact Hal and his teachings have had on my life and the way I work with people; there is a palpable energy that is carried by the work that has been passed down. With this, many have asked to work deeper within this lineage, wanting to be immersed in these teachings; it is from this call, that I have created this 6 month immersion. 


This immersion is not so much a training, because in many ways I feel that this is something that one cannot train in. It feels as though the as one immerses themselves in the teachings, the teachings come alive within you and your life begins to change. With this change, for those of you who work with clients, you will be able to easily reflect this work into what you are already doing, for when we are a lived embodiment of the work, it pours from us no matter what we do.


This is the real goal: not to train the mind, but to become a living, embodied vessel for what is possible. 

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In-person Weekend Dates (You must attend all 6 weekends)

Weekend #1: March 31-April 2~ The Body as the Healer 

    Embodiment, Boundaries + Containment


Weekend #2: May 12-14  ~ The Creation of the Self 

    Childhood, Ego + Emotions

        **Cannabis Group Somatic Process 


Weekend #3: June 23-25 ~ Creating New Pathways 

    Rebirthing, Rewiring + Reconnecting 

        ** Psilocybin Ceremony 


Weekend #4: July 21-23 ~ The Shadow + The Sacred 

    Relationships, Sexuality + Communication 

        **Cannabis Group Somatic Process


Weekend #5: August 25-27 ~ Ritual Integration 

    Ceremony, Celebration + Rest as Rebellion 

        ** Psilocybin Ceremony


Weekend #6: September 29-Oct 1 ~ Embodied Spirituality 

    Energy, Conscious Awakening + Transcendence 

Times each weekend may vary slightly; however, for scheduling purposes you can assume that every weekend will at least require you to be present for: Friday, 4-9pm, Saturday, 10-6pm, Sunday 10-4pm. 

In our time together, you will learn…

  • Strategies/practices for rewiring your nervous system 

  • How to work with yourself in a powerful and transformative way 

  • Build deeper relationships with your body: learn how to listen, access and translate the messages within your body 

  • Compassionate tools for inquiry

  • How to identify, feel and work with family + ancestral wounding 

  • The importance of containment, transmutation and building sustainable energy in your body 

  • How to work with the 3 core “negative” emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness 

  • Build resilience, empowerment and trust with and within your body 

  • Clear understanding of your body’s holding patterns: where, why and how to step into greater care 


6 payments of $555/month over 6 months

OR 1 payment of $3000


$300 non-refundable deposit required upon registration 


What is included: 


  • 1 Monthly in-person group immersion over the 6 months @ Chanté Ishta in Blind Bay 

  • 1 private somatic therapy session/month with Reanna 

  • 1 Group Zoom call per month 

  • 2 Group Mycelium Ceremonies 

  • 2 Group Cannabis Somatic processes 

  • Microdosing protocols and guidance 

  • Ongoing peer support and support from Reanna throughout the 6 months 

Every weekend includes: 

  • Somatic Breathwork experiences 

  • Somatic movement techniques for awakening the body 

  • Yoga

  • Somatic based inquiry 

  • Group sharing + Process 

  • Practical guidelines and help for applying the teachings to your life 


What is NOT included: 

  • Accommodation ~ If the weather is fair, you are welcome to camp onsite at no extra charge or sleep in the space; however, personal items, etc will need to be stored in your car to keep the space clear during our group work. If you would like assistance finding local accommodation please let me know and I am happy to support you in this

  • Food ~ Some food will be provided but not all food. Please connect if you want more clarity on this 

  • Microdose Capsules ~ You will receive a significant discount from Heart Mind Harmonizer if you wish you microdose during your immersion. You can also work with a different formula if you prefer. 

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