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Functional Anatomy

When we can learn to understand the purpose of our anatomy, existing in the way it does, we are able to see clearly the intentional way the masterpiece of our bodies were created. The way our skeleton, muscles and connective tissues move, serve to help us function in a beautiful and cohesive way. 

Functional anatomy is a deep dive into how our body moves, what we have lost or gained by our habits in life and how intentional activation or releasing in particular areas of the body can better serve your life, your body and your yoga practice. This weekend workshop is designed for yoga and movement teachers as well as serious students with a thirst for more anatomical knowledge. This weekend may be overwhelming for those without any anatomy knowledge, but it is open to anyone feeling the call to learn more and is delivered in a way that the anatomy makes sense but more importantly can be felt in your own body.

With an specific focus on safety and sustainability, you will learn how to empower you body (and those of your students if you are a teacher) in new and exciting ways. You will access your body more fully and more deeply than ever before, you will see how healing yoga postures really can be and you will never look at the practice the same way again.

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