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Meditation Teacher Training

The stark reality is that at some point, all there is to do about something is to sit with it, to be with everything exactly as it is and feel it all. While there are various types of meditation the underlying theme of them all is to be present. 

Level 1 : Becoming a Meditator - Living The Teachings

$400 ~ 25hrs (Yoga Alliance registered course)

Before we can really teach another, what we are sharing must have taken shape in our own life. This doesn't mean perfection; however, it does mean there is a relationship that is continually growing and being nurtured. 

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In the first level of this training, it is all about experiencing meditation and all it's different forms. From this place you learn from your own body and experience and use this as the platform to teach from going forward. In our time together you will learn all about the history, philosophy, benefits, scientific research and methods of meditation through lecture, self-study, guided and self lead practices. Level 1 is a pre-requisit for level 2. There are also assignments in-between levels. 

Level 2 : Becoming a Teacher - Sharing The Teachings 

$400 ~ 25hrs (Yoga Alliance registered course)

As we feel the subtleties from the practice and refine our own tools, it becomes easier and exciting to share the practice with others. Here you will learn everything you need to know about teaching other to meditate, receive guidance, have time to practice and master your skills. 

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