Teacher Mentorship Programs

Guiding and mentoring is one of my most favourite aspects of what I do, it is my purpose on this planet and what ignites me. Mentorship is all about you; where do you want to expand, what do you want to work on, what are you ready to drop? 

Whatever form of mentorship you chose, know that I am in this for you. My invitation is to get really clear on what you want our time together to look like; what are your expectations? What is your end goal? We customize the time we spend together uniquely for you. 

Please do no hesitate to connect with me, ask questions and get really curious about these programs. All are available in person or online. 

Short Term Mentorship

These programs are for those looking for something concise and specific. If you have a goal or a particular goal or area you want to work on, this is exactly what you are looking for. We start by setting up an action plan for you, determine you expectations and powerfully schedule our time together. 

6 week Mentorship : $800

8 week Mentorship : $1000

             "It has been within the container of Reanna's courses and coaching, that I have most honestly seen who I am. Being mentored by            
               Reanna is not only teaching me invaluable skills in holding space, and having empathy for the humans around me; but for myself. Her
               teachings are organic, they bloom from a place of genuine love, and acceptance. Her guidance is invaluable". - Wanda Maas



Long Term Mentorship
This is the real deal. And let me be clear, I do not claim to be a guru. This program is about everything, it is about transforming your life completely. 
In the container of this mentorship, we acknowledge the foundation that how you do anything is everything; to step into the teacher you want to be requires uncovering your true self, stepping out of fear and into empowerment. Mentorship is about giving you the tools to make this happen, all thats left to do is chose it. This work will change how you teach, your relationships, how you teach... it will change your entire life. 

6 Months : $3000

1 year : $7500

Live in Mentorship

This is a unique opportunity and one that I absolutely love. Stay me and my family, teach with me, meditate with me, spend the day to day with me and marvel in what we can create together. Cost includes meals, accommodation, unlimited access to Breathe Yoga Studio, unlimited coaching. 

7 Days : $700

10 days : $1000

           "The container that Reanna creates with this offering is held with transparency, authenticity, honesty, growth, and tools for how to truly
            live these teachings. Prior to the Live in Mentorship I was encouraged to look at what it was I wanted to gain from this experience; by                 setting intentions for myself and areas of focus I wanted to refine. I went into this program with the intentions for it to be
            transformational, to uncover, and focus on refining my teachings skills. I can say with complete honesty that I received all of this and so
            much more from this experience. Through one on one coaching, meetings, attending her classes, visiting with her family and observing
            how they show up for one another, time alone to navigate through their amazing backyard forest, and daily life Reanna creates an
            opportunity for you to not only transform in the areas you are seeking and how these teachings translate into your everyday life. Live in
            Mentorship assisted me to wake up to the reality I was creating, it empowered me to step into who I truly am, and through all of that
            become a stronger teacher. To experience this offering in way that keeps you in the "here and now" of life I was able to integrate these
            teachings daily and when I returned I knew I was empowered to live them, because I already was. By showing up as an authentic
            human, teacher, and coach Reanna shows you how to live what you preach, to be accepting of your human, and to wake up to who you
            really are". - Shawnda O'briant-Noone

Looking for something "teaching specific"? Here are a few things I help teachers advance in

  • Sequencing Classes &  Creating Flows

  • Creating space for breath - balancing stillness and movement

  • Energy Body - Chakras and Meridians

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Seniors/Chair Yoga

  • Class set up and creating space for transformation

  • Teaching Meditation

  • Teaching Pranayama

  • How to find your voice

  • Alignment cues and risks

  • Transitions & Fluid Sequencing

Email: reannacosta@gmail.com
Phone (call or text): (250)803-3699
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