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How Do We Heal?

Everyone can heal, but not everyone will.

I believe it was Jeff Brown who said this, and it was an important thing for me to hear. We all have the capacity to heal ourselves. Our body has an innate mechanism within it to heal. We witness this all the time: we heal from cuts, colds, broken bones, even major surgeries and illnesses; we get unwell mentally and find our way back to the light. Sometimes there is something we can do to help the process along - but as we all know, it is not really anything we are doing externally that is causing the actual healing to take place. Something within us does it - or not.

Years ago I came across the information that on a cellular level, parts of us are dying and rebirthing all the time; let’s use our knee for example. The bone in our knee is made up of millions of cells, Osteoblast, Osteoclast and Osteogenic. These cells, to stand the test of our lifetime must die off and regenerate. It is said that in the course of 10 years, this knee bone is fully and completely regenerated. If this is the case; why would we carry around a knee ailment or injury past this time? If our body is regenerating these calls, why is it regenerating them with the existing injury?

We can ask this question about anything that ails us in our body. If the body is naturally regenerating and healing itself, if there is a build in mechanism to make this happen, why don’t we fully heal each time? And perhaps more to the point - how can we make this healing happen?

Leonard Orr of the Rebirthing tradition believed that not only can we heal ourselves, but we can attain physical mortality if we can radically shift our beliefs. He believed that aging and dying was a result of unhealed trauma, beginning with our birth, specific negative beliefs we take on and embody throughout life, and the internalized disapproval from adults (parents, teachers, etc) that we received as children. Essentially, Leonard believed that from our birth forward, life was so intense that we harbour an unconscious death wish and it is this latent suffering that causes us to get sick and die. He felt that the mental body has such a grip on our physical body that if we could free our mind, our body would receive that freedom as well. It is sort of like Einstein’s saying, “We cannot get out of a problem with the same thinking that created it”.

We cannot get into good health with the same mind that created the dis ease in the first place.

Healing takes a radical change within us as we have to change our mind. It takes meeting what we haven’t met, feeling what we haven’t felt and moving through the hard stuff we have ignored, disowned, denied and turned away from. It takes facing all that created the current mind, the current wiring of neural patterns in our brain and then, creating something different, something new. Something that is more supportive, loving, compassion to yourself. Ultimately, what we are looking to do is uncover the the dormant belief within us and reprogram it to one that is life affirming.

This is not easy. It takes dedication, willingness, determination and an incredible amount of energy and time. Yet it is possible.

Anyone can do it.

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