These events are open to all! Yoga teachers, body workers, avid seekers and anyone simply looking to expand. Looking for dates? Click HERE 

Rewire : Nervous System Intensive

Everything in life effects our nervous system. And, the depth to which our nervous system effects us is incredibly profound. An incredible about of research has gone into how our nervous systems are effected by our environment and what there is to do about it. 

Years of reading, practice and teaching is small pieces about this topic has lead to the excited unfoldment of this workshop. Learn the ins and outs of your own nervous system, how to observe triggers, feel them and release them. You will learn the tool to rewire your nervous system, which is KEY in creating new though patterns, new behaviours and a new life. 

Times are typically: 

Friday 4-10pm 
Saturday 1030-6pm 
Sunday 1030-6pm 

Counts as 24hrs Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance 

An Experience of Functional Anatomy 

Created for yoga teachers and serious/advanced students, this weekend intensive highlights how to experience proper body alignment and engagement. Built on the foundation that yoga is only sustainable if done with intentional and devoted awareness to how one is placing their body, we dive into Anusara-based spirals, fascia, proper muscular energy and how to go onto to teach these foundations to your students. 

Friday 4-10pm 
Saturday 9am-7pm 
Sunday 9am-6pm

Counts as 25hrs Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance 

Phone (call or text): (250)803-3699
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