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Ways To Connect with me... 


I am happy to work one on one with people when I can. To ensure the best for my clients and for my own health and wellbeing I only take on a few clients at a time and so the best method is to contact me and see if I have an opening. 


All the one on one work I do is a mix between yoga, shamanism and somatics; based on the belief that when one part of us is unwell then other parts of ourselves will be unwell also. It is a mind-body-spirit approach where each session is unique and depends on your current state. 

Private Sessions:

Cost : Sliding Scale $80-150 per session based on financial ability 

Yoga Therapy: While I have not completed an official yoga therapy training, I have the equivalent in training hours, education and experience. These sessions are best for people looking to use yoga to help specific ailments or conditions in all the parts of themselves. Sessions are typically 60-90mins which are followed up by a detailed email to help you keep up the practices at home. 

Somatic Sessions: These sessions are designed for those who have already taken Rewire Your Nervous System and are looking to take their personal healing to the next level. I will work with people who have not taken Rewire; however, I encourage you to consider starting there. Somatic sessions look different each time and are a combination of breathwork, talk therapy and somatic release techniques. 

Ceremony: For those looking to work with the earth, spirit and/or various plant medicines, within the Shamanic lineage I trained in, I am able to host private ceremony or rituals to help shift energies within yourself, your relationships, past lives, etc. 

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Group/Couples Sessions:

Private group and couples sessions outside of scheduled workshops/intensives are available upon request. Cost varies depending on the size and offering. Contact me for more info. 

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