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Group Workshops

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Rewire Your Nervous System 

Rewire is an incredible weekend dedicated to sensing and feeling into the vital system that ultimately controls our health. All of the ways we interact with the world; both consciously and unconsciously, move through and within us as a result of this amazing system.


Informed by incredible works by people such as Peter Levine, Gabor Matè, Judith Blackstone and Jack Rosenberg, we learn to feel into the body in a way that we have long learned to tune out as a result of difficult, adverse or traumatic experiences we have come up against in our lives. In this, we begin to give ourselves permission to feel what has not been felt, to turn towards what we have turned away from and to be with all that we have not been able to be with in the past. 

This work is about facing and feeling the difficult things is were not safe to feel in the past, in a place that is safely held and skillfully guided in the present. In our time together, there is a delicate blend of theory and learning mixed with practices for integrating these new ideologies into your body. While the work is simple, truthfully, for many it is not easy. Much of what we have chosen not to feel, we have done so for reason; it's painful.


While you will not be asked to directly speak to your difficult, stressful or traumatic experiences outright within the group, there is open space, time and discussion about such things. As such, it is important you feel ready to be with whatever may arise. The beautiful part is that you are fully supported in a well trained, well educated and safe space where you are fully held in no matter what arises.


This weekend is open to all that feel the call, and, it seems to be most powerful for those who are space holders (teachers, therapists, etc) or who are on an intentional healing journey. If you are new to working with me, I may ask you to have a quick call prior to joining to ensure this work is best for you at this time.

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The Boulter Method ~ Integrative Body Breathwork

Breathwork is incredibly popular these days and there are many different styles and techniques taught. The method I share was passed down from my mentor, Hal Boutler; a somatic therapist, psychonaut and mystic, who spent decades and over 10,000 hrs working with clients through their bodies and with their breath. This way of working with ourselves and the breath is unique; it bridges and blends techniques from Rebirthing, Hakomi, Integrative Body Psychology (IBP) and other schools of work to share a style of breathing that is beyond compare. 


Most of us walk around, to one degree or another, armoured. This armouring is not just in our energy, attitudes or beliefs, it is held in the soma or tissues of our body. Integrative Body Breathwork is a unique technology developed to help you reveal, uncover and meet the holding patterns or armour that we carry. The guidance and techniques offered help you to bring a deeper layer of gentleness, compassion and understanding to the way you hold, clench around or brace against. As we bring this gentle, loving awareness to one’s self and to one’s way of holding - naturally, without the mind, ego or personality having to do or force anything - this holding lets go. 


This approach is a new way of looking at your bodymind; it is not about effort, force or discipline. It is about bringing in what we didn’t get to begin with - unconditional love and acceptance - and allowed the body to relax, let go in response to that.


It may sound a bit too New Age, maybe even too good to be true! I mean, really? Can we love ourselves whole?


Come find out 

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