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3 Month Mycelium Immersion
A program for Reparenting + Repatterning

Created out of the popular demand for an immersive program for both men and women, this 3 month immersive program in some ways in a mini version of The Boutler Method with an emphasis on relational healing. Most of the suffering we work with in our human lives happens in relationship; be that with ourselves or others. The container supports 10 willing participants in a deep dive into the internalized parental disapproval syndrome and specific negative thoughts that accompany this. 

Mountain Peak

Part of the potency of this program is the blend of micro and macro dosing for a blended way of working with medicine. The program will begin with a personalized microdosing protocol for each person to begin to slowly and mindfully work with the medicine and also gently peel back the layers of self. When this is done in a delicate and compassionate way, the protective layers soften, rather than needing to be pried off. This is supported with group process, 1:1 sessions, therapeutic techniques and embodiment practices. The goal is to be able to fully embody the changes and have this translate into your life in real time during the course of the program. 

What's possible during this time?

  • Improved relationships with yourself and others

  • Understanding current unhealthy patterns, programs and addictions, and begin to transform those habits 

  • Create new neural pathways for reparenting

  • Learn how to truly self support, receive support and support others 

  • Learn, practice and embody tools for nervous system regulation and how to co-regulate 

  • Create healthy boundaries 

  • Improve communication skills + conflict resolution 

  • Understand relational compatibility

  • Learn loving and real authenticity 

All weekends are in-person and take place in Blind Bay, Shuswap BC. You must commit to ALL weekends; if you are not able to make all dates, please do not register. Thank you <3 


Weekend #1 ~ Aug 9-11 (2 Nights)


We begin by exploring our Primary Scenario and understanding the make up of our internal family system. What as the environment that we marinated in that created the lens of perspective? What early events and relational dynamics influences the way we view the world, ourselves and our relationships?

Who were we before the world told us who to be?


Weekend #2 ~ September 12-15 (3 Nights)


As we gently deconstruct the past, we learn that what we consider to be our whole self is really just many parts. As we begin to see the many faceted aspects of ourselves, we learn to work with, listen to and care for these parts in a new way; a way that is different from what we learned in childhood. With this, we can then begin the intentional process of reparenting ourselves and repatterining our relationships.

Weekend #3 ~ Oct 4-6 (2 Nights)


It is from this process of working with our parts that we can learn to integrate them into true wholeness; we bring awareness and understanding to the ways of being so we can begin the process of creating conscious change. We do this by allowing what is unconscious to come forward and expressing the truth. From here, we can start to create new ways of parenting ourselves, work with neural plastic states and thus, reconnect to who we were before the world told us who to be; true authenticity. 


Online Zoom Meetings

Monday, July 15th @ 3-5pm PST : Group Introductions, Intentions + Container Opening

Tuesday, October 15th @ 3-5pm PST : Integration, Success for the future + Closing the Container


I am blessed to be able to offer this immersion on the beautiful land my partner and I steward on the Secwépemc territory of BC. Part of the beauty of this time together is the ability to drop into this land; endless forest behind us and epic lake in front of us. In addition to receiving from the teachings, and each other, one is able to receive so deeply from the land. 

Cactus Plant

Only 10 spots available!

Investment ~ $2500

$500 non-refundable deposit required upon registration 

~ Payment Options ~ 

1 Payment of $2500

2 Payments of $1250  

4 payments of $625 over 4 months

5 payments of $500/month over 5 months

What's Included in the cost...

  • 3 Immersive, in-person weekends @ Chanté Ishta in Blind Bay, BC

  • 3 month custom Microdosing formula 

  • 1 group mycelium ceremony 

  • Unlimited 1:1 support from Reanna during 3 month container 

  • Group support and connection 

  • Breathwork, yoga &  embodiment practices

  • Time in nature, access to Shuswap Lake, outdoor sauna, pristine nature and hiking trails 

  • Accommodation (ceremony floor or camping on property)

  • AND SO MUCH MORE.... !! 

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