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1:1 Sessions

Somatic Therapy is a body based therapy which encourages the deep listening and tuning in with the body as a basis for meeting yourself. Sessions begin with a check in as to what has been present for you, then you lay down on the floor or yoga mat to orient to your body and connect to the "felt sense". This felt sense acts as the platform for our work together and where the session leads us each time. When done in person, sometimes there is touch to help aid the process; this can look like working with pressure points to release tension and physical holding patterns, etc. Touch is beneficial, but not necessary for this work to be effective for someone; thus this work can be done in person or long distance. The premise is that when loving, compassionate awareness can be brought to an area of holding, the body can release this tension: physically, mentally and emotionally; we can let go. 

Session Pricing 

1 Session ~ $150 

3 Session Package ~ $360

5 Session Package ~ $550

8 Session Package ~ $800

Working with me in this way includes a thorough onboarding process, Google document for specific personalized recommendations and ongoing support and follow up suggestions post sessions.

What does this process look like?

To begin our journey, you will be asked to complete an online intake from as well as a document called: The Primary Scenario. These will help to inform our work together and begin our journey. Typically, the first 2 sessions are spent allowing me to get a clear picture of what you are working with now, how the past has informed your present and help me create a sense of how I can support you going forward. Usually, on the 3rd session, we will begin working in a more somatic way which may or may not include: movement, breathwork, guided meditation and other guided practices. It is for this reason, that I recommend purchasing 3 or 5 session pack in the beginning to give us a chance to really dive into the work. It is possible for some to begin somatic sooner depending on the person and how sessions progress.

After each session, you will receive via Google Docs post session notes and a list of resources pertaining to our session to support your process in the coming days. This will include YouTube videos, podcasts, articles and/or practices for you to do during this time. You will also be able to share how things are feeling, what you are noticing and any other feedback into this document to stay in communication with me between sessions.

Preparing For Sessions

Please attend our sessions in a space that allows for your full attention. Please do not connect with me while driving, at work, etc. Please be sure that you schedule your sessions in a time that you can give your full self.  Please do your best to close pets out of the room when in session. While it is sweet to have pet love, but also very distracting :)

Please be sure your phone is on "Do Not Disturb" so we don't hear texts or calls coming in. 

Whether we will be working somatically or not, please prepare for your sessions by having a place to lay comfortably on the floor on a yoga mat, blanket, etc. If you cannot lay comfortably on the floor, on a bed or couch is fine - but the floor is preferable if possible. It can be supportive to have a blanket and/or a bolster nearby to support the body when the time comes. It can also be a good idea to have a box of tissues should you need to blow your nose, etc.


Session Length

90 minutes is always reserved for your sessions; either long distance or in person. However, session length really depends on how the session goes and how able your body and psyche are able to stay with a process. Sometimes shorter sessions (45mins-1hr) are more advantageous depending on how the system responds to the work. 

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