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My Journey

My journey is not a conventional one. I left school at Simon Fraser University after 3 years of working towards a joint major in criminology and psychology. I loved to learn; however the competitiveness of the programs, coupled with the heavy course loads was too much for my system. I dropped out of school after being incredibly depressed and anxious to pursue becoming a yoga teacher. From here, my journey touch a massive turn and I ended up still becoming what I intended but in a new way. 

More about me...

I often say that yoga saves my life. The more I immerse myself in the teachings, learn to embody them and live them - the more alive I become. And by alive, what I really mean is awake. I see the world differently and I have amore refined sense of reality. For me, yoga is a way of life. 

Yoga found me at an important and moldable time in my life; at 20 I become a yoga teacher with no really idea of what I was getting myself into. In 2005, yoga was just barely on the rise - a time where there was barely 1 yoga studio in a town, versus several. I feel fortunate to have been exposed to a very deeply rooted and traditional training which created a solid foundation for me. In a mere 500hrs, my world was changed and while much had shifted in me from this 3 month intensive, in many ways it took years for the teachings to bubble up from my subconscious and weave into my life. Even now, each time I think I really know something, I am deeply humbled by the vastness of my own ignorance. 

This humbling has been gracious and has brought forth a patience and compassion for life I would have never thought possible. It has allowed me to see the importance of heart-centred transformation through compassionate self-inquiry and a dedication to honing awareness. I am passionate about merging and sharing the latest science and research around our brain and bodies with functional anatomy, somatics, and the wisdom of the ancient teachings. While the yogic tradition has much to offer, I love to share cross-cultural traditions that offer to enhance, broaden or confirm the beautiful teachings of yoga such as shamanism and buddhism. 

My truest intention is to teach from my heart and to offer guidance not rules, in a way that is non-judgemental and safe. My belief is that when one feels heard, held and open, the access to transformation grows and the barriers drop. From here, accessing the heart is easier and this is where change starts to happen. Embracing life as a teacher, feeling all there is to experience and being present for all of life is the essence of my teaching. I am deeply committed to this path and to helping guide any who chose to walk it with me. 


500hr Yoga Teacher Training with Shakti Mhi through Prana Yoga Teacher College 

200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Karuna Erickson through Heart Yoga Teacher Training 

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark


Intensives, Workshops & Continuing Education with: 

Mark Stephens

Anodea Judith 

Doug Keller 

Karuna Erickson 

Yogi Vshvketu

Mugs McConnell 

Other Educational Training 

Psychology Diploma @ SFU 

Compassionate Inquiry Training with Gabor Mate 

Online Somatic Experiencing Training with Peter Levine 

IBP Mentorship & Breathwork Training 

Pachikuti Cross Cultural Mesa & Shamanic Apprenticeship

"Coaching for Purpose" Certified 

People who's works that have inspired & informed my work... 

Gabor Maté (All Books)

Peter Levine (Waking The Tiger)

Françious Bourzat (Consciousness Medicine)

Judith Blackstone (Trauma + The Unbound Body)

Jack Lee Rosenberg (All Books)

Leonard Orr & Sonrda Ray (Rebirthing The New Age) 

Bruce Tift (Already Free) 

White Grass

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