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The benefit of working one on one with mycelium medicine is being able to have dedicated and personalized support in your journey. With similar guidance to a group setting, the space is expertly held with music, emphasis on the body and staying as present as possible to meet the medicine journey and all that is revealed during. While there is more chance to discuss the personal happenings in a private session compared to a group, there is still spaces of silence and chance to journey uninterrupted by external stimuli. The idea is not the be more cerebral with the process and turn it into a talk-therapy session; however, it is possible to weave that type of work in and out of the time we have together.


All offerings are flexible and can be tailored to the experience you would like to have. Here are some ideas of that working together in this way may look like. Longer offerings and retreats are possible; however, 1 night is the shortest length I offer to ensure time for adequate rest and integration.  


Retreats are custom created to fit your needs and desires, the below schedules are simply general templates of what the time can look like: 

1 Night Offering

Reciprocity Sliding Scale:

1 person - $1000-$1500

2 people - $1800-$2200

Private Group: 3-5ppl $600-$800 each/6-10pp $400-$600 each 

(amount paid based on your income and what you are able to afford)

Day 1

Arrival, set up and preparation for the journey (time given closer to date)

Medicine Journey

Post Ceremony food, integration and rest

Day 2

Breakfast & Check in

Somatic Therapy Session & Integration Support Check out


2 Night Offering

Reciprocity Sliding Scale

1 person - $1800-$2200

2 people - $2600-$3000

Private Group: 3-5ppl $800-$1000 each/6-10pp $600-$800 each

(amount paid based on your income and what you are able to afford)


Day 1:

Arrival, set up, connection

Evening Medicine Ceremony 

Post Ceremony food, integration and rest

Day 2

Breakfast, Check in, Time in Nature 

Breathwork Session + Integration Support 

Lunch & Time to Rest (Massage or reiki if requested)

Shamanic Despacho Ceremony, Energy Cleansing & Sauna 

Dinner + Rest 

Day 3

Breakfast & Check in

Somatic Breathwork Session & Integration Support


What You Receive Included in The Price

  • Pre-Ceremonial intake call, worksheet and information session to facilitate a personal deep dive (this is received and processed serval days before hand)

  • Expertly guided and held space within a somatic therapy framework alongside profound shamanic ceremonial music and guidance

  • All meals

  • Private & beautiful accommodation

  • Post integration support and optional phone call with personalized supportive practices to deepen integration

  • Microdosing recommendations & holistic approach to health going forward as requested/needed

  • Optional shamanic ceremonial blessings and practices 

  • Access to hiking trails, epic nature and private beach 

  • Optional Wood-fired Sauna and cold dip in Shuswap Lake 

  • Somatic Breathwork Session and gentle bodywork ​

Optional Retreat Additions At An Extra Cost:

• Mushroom Microdose Formula specially created to help with integration and brain plasticity (Price Varies). 

• Massage, Reiki or other bodywork treatment (Must be booked in advance. Prices vary depending on treatment and length)



Please be sure you are clear and committed to the following:

• This work sensitive and it is essential the location, name(s) of the facilitator(s) remains confidential

• Preparation for sitting with medicine is very important. Please follow the general preparation guide you are sent as well as any personal suggestions made to you as best as you can

• A thorough integration process is essential for the full effect of the work you are doing, showing up to scheduled integration calls is vital and required as part of this therapeutic process

• Because ceremony is held at night, it is required that you sleep on site to ensure your safety and that you are able to be guided in the integration process the next day

• Commitment to not leaving the space during ceremony or the retreat space until the retreat is over

• $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your date

** Please note, this work is not for everyone. The intake process will determine if this work is right for you. 


Your ceremony and accommodation will be in the same space; on our beautiful property nestled between Shuswap lake and endless forest. This space in yours during your time which has a full bathroom, kitchen and all amenities you could need. The space is detached from our house which allows for quiet, privacy and time to rest and integrate. Photos below 


Other Things to Consider

Often times in this work, I will have someone assist me to ensure all your needs are met and that I have help if need be. Sometimes this is another woman, sometimes this will be a man. Please let me know ahead of time if you have a preference or concern. At times, hands on support can be helpful to your process. You will always be asked before you are touched. Sexual touch of any kind is not permitted nor will any touch received be done in a way to stimulate clients deliberately. Touch is only used when it feels as though it will benefit the client and can be refused at anytime. Your sovereignty is honoured in this space, you are always in charge within the framework and boundaries of the set and setting. These guidelines will be clearly provided and discussed in the intake call. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this at that time.

Private Ceremony with Reanna Costa

"Reanna is a true healer and an incredibly insightful guide. My experience with our session was one of the most profound experiences of my life and one that I will never forget. The way that she sings and plays instruments through the ceremony is something that words simply cannot describe - it has to be experienced."

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