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Boulter Method Breathwork

Facilitator Training 
Pranify Yoga, Kelowna BC

~~~~~ 2025 ~~~~~
March 7-9
April 4-6
May 2-4
June 6-7 

The Boulter Method is a larger body of teachings passed down from Hal Boutler to Reanna over 2.5 years of 1:1 mentorship. As a somatic therapist Hal trained in several modalities such as The Rebirthing tradition with Leonard Orr, Hakomi Method and IBP with Jack Rosenberg. In his time of using breathwork as a tool for deep therapeutic work, he came to develop and synthesize a style of being with people and a way of teaching them to work with their breath. This method, passed down to Reanna with sanction and encouragement to share it with others, has come to be known as The Boutler Method. 


The Boutler Method is a transmission, it is a way of meeting yourself and your own breath and then, learning how to apply this way to others who seek to learn this method as well. While The Boutler Method is truly, in its entirety a holistic therapeutic model, of the purposes of this offering, Reanna will be sharing the method in how it pertains specifically to sharing the breath. This first 4 part module is meant to act as LEVEL 1 - an opportunity to uncover and relate to your own breath, as well as give you the basic tools for sharing  this style of breath with others in a group setting. Deeper wisdom and mentorship for working in a 1:1 setting will be explored in a level 2 for those seeking to work in a more therapeutic and individual setting. 


Over the course of 4 weekends and a combined 100hrs of training you can expect to learn: 

  • Anatomy: Breath deeper learning of the nervous system)

  • History: Traditional and Therapeutic uses of breathwork 

  • Containment: Building a Charge and how to work with the breath in different ways for different outcomes 

  • Altered States: How Breathwork alters our state and what’s possible 

  • Somatics: Holding Patterns, Hands On and How to work with resistance 

  • Integration: How to integrate breathwork experiences

  • Facilitation: How to teach, support and work with group experiences 

  • How to do your own work and use Breathwork as a tool for ongoing transformation 

In a time of a second wave of breathwork renaissance, there are workshops trainings and programs popping up everywhere. It seems that everyone has tried some form of breathwork, heard about it or listened to a podcast where this is a main topic. What sets this training apart is that it pertains within it the knowledge passed down from Hal and the (and this is not an exaggeration) 10,000hrs of 1:1 breathwork sessions he facilitated. The experience of this method passed down is rich, it is unique and very special. 


The 100hrs will consist of 4 weekends over the course of 4 months for an opportunity to receive, experience, learn and integrate the information over time. Below you will find the outline of the weekends and some of the core themes we will be exploring: 


Weekend 1 ~ Personal Experience + Laying The Foundation : March 7-9

  • Presence, embodiment +  containment

  • Preparing the body for a charge

  • Learning to work with your self

  • Historical uses for breath + different ways to breathe 


Weekend 2 ~ A Deeper look : April 4-6

  • Anatomy of the breath + breathing muscles 

  • Nervous system + trauma 

  • Physical holding patterns, tension and how to work it 


Weekend 3 ~ Psychosomatics : May 2-4 

  • Rebirthing foundations 

  • Mental disturbances + psychological holding patterns 

  • Altered states + neuroplasticity 


Weekend 4 ~ How to Teach : June 6-8

  • Holding Space + Support 

  • Guiding a group  

  • Hands On

  • Integration 


Weekend commitment: Friday 5-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-6pm

Why The Boulter Method?

What you will receive: 

  • Breathwork Manual 

  • 2 - 1:1 Online BreathworkSessions with Reanna

  • 4 in-person weekends @ Pranify Yoga

  • 100hrs of Training (80hr in person, 20hr at home) 

  • 8 breathwork experiences 

  • Clear guidance and support to teach and share this method with others 

Investment : $3500

Only 10 spaces available. Your spot is held and save with a $500 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Payment Plan Options (after deposit)

2 payments of $1500

4  payments of $750 

8 Payments of $375


Training must be paid for before the end. Contact for information about refund policy.​


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