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Somatic Therapy

My training within the realm of somatic therapy is many faceted. It would be easier to tell you that I simply took a specific training and received a clear credential; however, that is not the case. Please check out the about page for more info around my training and education. 


What I offer is a combination of 2 decades of education, study, embodiment, experience and mentorship which I have come to call, The Boutler MethodIn the therapeutic method I offer, we are always working with what is present and alive in the moment, alongside bringing deeper understanding and awareness as to how what is present has been informed by the past. The work is a synthesis of trauma informed body work alongside traditional talk-based therapy. Using the body and the felt experience as the platform, we allow what wants to come forward to do just that. 


This work is a body based therapy which encourages the deep listening and tuning in with the body as a basis for meeting yourself. Sessions begin with a check in as to what has been present for you, then you lay down on the floor or yoga mat to orient to your body and connect to the "felt sense". This felt sense acts as the platform for our work together and where the session leads us each time. When done in person, sometimes there is touch to help aid the process; this can look like working with pressure points to release tension and physical holding patterns, etc. Touch is beneficial, but not necessary for this work to be effective for someone. The premise is that when loving, compassionate awareness can be brought to an area of holding, the body can release this tension: physically, mentally and emotionally; we can let go. 

~ Client Testimonials ~

"Over the past year, Reanna has supported me through somatic therapy. These conversations, her insights, her professionalism, and at times her directness, have helped me to find deeper understanding of my self and my struggles. Gratitude and appreciation are not sufficient to describe the indelible mark this work has had on my life. Her patience and timely question asking helped me to arrive at the answers I was looking for, when I was ready for them (even if some where obvious to her from the beginning!).  After many different types of therapy over many years, this has been by far the most impactful.  Thank you Reanna".

~ Previous Client 

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