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Ceremonial Work

I have been holding space for groups and individuals for almost 2 decades through yoga, transformational retreats, trainings and coaching. With the support and encouragement of my teachers and mentors, I began to incorporate plant medicines into my work. I have been offering group and private ceremonies for the past 5 years in several locations around British Columbia. This work has been deeply influenced by decades of personal experiences with several different plant medicines as well as countless ceremonies with Sacred Mushrooms, Huachuma and Ayahuasca. The call to offer ceremonial work was strong for me, and after 1.5yr Shamanic Apprenticeship, alongside 2.5 years of personal in-depth mentorship within the realm of Somatic Therapy, I began to offer ceremony slowly to friends and family in small circles for roughly 2 years. Eventually, the circles grew and with experience and confidence, I branched out and began to offer ceremonial work in a larger way.  All the work I offer is grounded in deep somatic and therapeutic knowledge; there is an emphasis on safety, personal responsibility and learning how to integrate the ceremonial work into your life.  All offerings are supported by 1 or more of incredible colleagues and team members who are dedicated and integral advocates of this way of working and showing up in the world. 

~ Group Ceremony ~

July 25-28~ Rebirthing The New Earth 
 Facilitated by Reanna Costa + Tanin Shunter
The Sentinel: Kaslo, BC  
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“We are living in the time that has been foretold by countless prophecies, a time of evolutionary potential and quickening, known as The Great Turning. Every level of consciousness and all sentient beings are in a process of evolutionary transformation. Death and rebirth are everywhere. The pressure is great, the challenge is epic, and we each are the chosen ones who get to imagine a whole new earth into being.”

~ Robin Flynn & Darcy Kopas :

Rebirthing The New Earth is a dynamic and delightful blend of nervous system science and the beautiful cross-cultural shamanic teachings of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. In this time together we will explore intentional practices for creating new ways of being within ourselves and within the world; we will acknowledge that the earth is dramatically changing, and with it, we are being asked to change too. We believe that we are in a powerful time of transition and initiation, one that is calling forth those who know, deep within themselves that the ways we have been living are not in alignment with the highest potential of humanity and all life on earth.

In our time together, we will contemplate…

  • What tools and practices can we live and embody to help our rebirthing process?

  • What is required of us in order to become beings who can live on this new earth?

  • How can we become loving custodians of the earth and evolve alongside her?

  • How can we be in right relationship with all of life?


We will begin the weekend with a chance to dive into breath and ceremonial rebirthing containers to help us shed the layers that no longer serve us and where we are headed. This is done in a gentle and loving way; there is no need to force this rebirthing, all that is ready to fall away does so with grace. From this place we will lean into powerful shamanic practices Ayni, of group journeying, and connecting with the earth.

This is a sacred space that is held safely and with an emphasis on personal empowerment. This offering includes: 

  • Intake call and preparation assistance

  • All meals while on retreat (organic, vegetation and delicious)

  • Yoga, Breathwork, Massage and other practices to care for self

  • Access to sauna, hot tub, cold plunge

  • Accommodation (price varies)

  • Expertly lead medicine experience

  • Earth Based Shamanic Rituals 

  • Embodiment practices + so much more!


Register/Inquire ->

Sept 27-29~ Song of The Heart Women's Retreat 
 Facilitated by Reanna Costa + Amber Samaya
Chanté Ishta: Blind Bay, BC  
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Join Reanna & Amber for a weekend of remembering the sacred ways of connecting as women through medicine, ritual and song. This time will be one of honouring the divine feminine within each of us and cultivating space and resource to live from this place. Many of us women have lost our ability to speak our truth, to feel heard and to let our hearts blossom open through our voice.

We will begin this retreat on Friday, Sept 27th @ 11am and close on Sunday, Sept 29th @ 1pm. Detailed schedule to come!

Investment: $555 includes:

  • 2 Nights/2 Day Offering 

  • Accommodation (camping or ceremony floor)

  • Organic Meals 

  • Forest Medicine Ceremony 

  • Breathwork 

  • Embodiment Practices + Movement 

  • Practices for opening your voice + Heart 

  • Women's Council Process 

  • Time in Nature 


Contact Reanna to register ~ $150 Non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot. Limited to 10 spaces. 

October 17-20~ The Radical Rest Retreat 
 Facilitated by Reanna Costa, Supported by Naomi Delta
The Sentinel: Kalso, BC  


“What would it be like to live in a well-rested world? Far too many of us have claimed productivity as the cornerstone of success. Brainwashed by capitalism, we subject our bodies and minds to work at an unrealistic, damaging, and machine level pace –– feeding into the same engine that enslaved millions into brutal labor for its own relentless benefit”

~ Tricia Hersey 

In the fast-paced world we live in which focuses so heavily on doing, accomplishing and striving it is so rare that we take the time to slow down, to rest and simply be. These fast and action orientated ways are templated into our nervous system and psyches; many people when given the time to slow down don’t know what to do with themselves, fear boredom or just simply don’t know how to shift gears. We are living in a society that glorifies this busyness and supports “grind culture”.

In our time together, we will explore rest in many ways: as a practice, as a state of being, as way to actually accomplish more and as a way to say no to the cultural normality of working ourselves to the point of depletion. Our goal is to help template in a new way of being, to deeply experience and embody the power of relaxation, restoration and the flow of vital energy in the body.


Retreat begins Thursday October 17th @ 3pm and ends Sunday, October 20th @ 1pm. Prices vary depending on the accommodation chosen.


All prices include:

  • Thorough intake process and preparation guidelines 

  • Expertly guided and facilitated Forest Medicine Ceremony 

  • Boulter Method Breathwork Experience 

  • Masterful Embodiment + Movement Practices

  • Gentle Yoga Asana + Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

  • Heart Coherence Practices + Nervous System Regulation 

  • Nourishing, Organic Meals

  • Access to cedar hot tub/sauna

  • Luxurious accommodation right on the lake

  • Opportunities for massage and other integrative healing modalities

  • Post ceremony integration group zoom call 

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November 8 ~ The Art of Re-Membering
 Facilitated by Shine Edgar + Reanna Costa
Chanté Ishta: Blind Bay, BC  
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Details to Come! 


Dry Plants

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